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Rethinking Eating Habits

Food Design: New Approaches For The Future Workshop

In 2020, The Goethe-Institut facilitated a food design workshop in Jordan, aimed to explore the complex aspects of the food system, using food as a multi-sensory material that addresses social and ecological issues and helps foster innovative solutions. 


The workshop was structured around the various stages of the food cycle; Sourcing, Production, Packaging, Distribution, Consumption, and Waste. Our primary focus was to bridge the gap between waste and sourcing, using the transformative power of food design as our creative compass, while also exploring the rich tapestry of eating rituals and their fascinating connections to traditions and behavior.


Throughout our week-long adventure, we documented our design journey and collaborated on a final project that married food design, storytelling, and personal insights. Our final outcome was an experiential, interactive dinner open to the public at MMAG Foundation. 


The evening transformed into a ceremonial performance, inviting the audience to immerse themselves in the realities and challenges of today's food system, and encouraging them to rethink their eating habits, all the while promoting sustainable solutions to issues within the food cycle.

The workshop was led by Maryam Khasawneh and German food designer Ines Lauber.

Photos by Hisham Assad.

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